Technology Driven Market Intelligence

Maximizing potential value by identifying new markets to sell current technologies.

Companies are missing potential revenue by not identifying all possible markets that their product could be sold in. Innovative products and ideas have the potential of being sold in other industries for similar or different purposes as originally intended.

By approaching solutions with fresh eyes, we can evaluate a product’s key competencies for other markets. Then by using a similar approach to the way that we created highly curated and targeted lists of people for lead generation, we instead [design] reports that best explain the potential markets and their advantages and disadvantages.

Who we serve with Technology Driven Market Intelligence

Small Manufacturing

Small to medium manufacturers (SMM) dedicate time and resources to create a new product, but must then maximize the value created by that product.  But there is room to capture additional, and even greater value by looking at other markets.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

MEP center clients are missing out on unrealized growth and profits by only selling their product to the segment it was intended for. By expanding the sales to other markets for similar uses small to medium manufacturers can grow their reach and their bottom line.

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