Lead Generation

A quality, highly targeted lead is crucial for a company that is looking to have greater impact when connecting with key decision makers.

When prospecting for new customers or looking for better supplier relationships, a specialized effort should be used to ensure that the right information is found and utilized. By using accurate information, it allows a company's efforts to remain efficient and precise.  

Our lead generation process is distilled from years of experience and focuses on highly curated and targeted data. We have the ability to leverage details, often consider the intangibles, to surpass other firms where lead generation simply means outdated names and a chaotic mix of emails and phone numbers.  

Who we serve with Lead Generation

Small Manufacturing

Outbound sales are driven by the number of qualified leads your team has to contact. We take on the complicated first steps to allow you to focus on building those relationships. Allow us to provide you curated targeting packages so you can begin building the relationships you need to increase sales and optimize your supply chain.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

With a portion of funding contingent on your business development efforts, the ability to add to your client base means not only the opportunity to add to your service offerings, hire more support, and build a greater manufacturing network of clients, but also to accomplish your charter mission of equipping small and medium-sized manufacturers with the resources needed to grow and thrive.

Economic Developers

Based on your current existing business database, we provide an expansion strategy for growing your existing database to include more opportunities toward expansion. In addition to basic lead gen we also offer a suite of economic development resources, tools, and intelligence that optimize your efforts toward business retention and expansion.

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