Operational Testing & Evaluation

Identifying new technology or operational practices can be challenging but the reward is so great.

New technology is often critical for initiatives where the goal is to improve and innovate. However, to ensure that the right technology is used, it must be tested and its performance evaluated. Our operation testing and evaluation process are invaluable when testing new technology's functionality and performance in the field. Whether the project is internal to your organization or the project is multi-organizational or multi-agency, we understand the need to work with all stakeholders to make sure needs are met.

We are an organization made up of individuals who have spent years navigating efforts across multiple agencies that are difficult in complete, yet alone streamline. This experience translates to skills in navigating complex relationships between intergovernmental efforts as well as those relationships between private and public companies and the US government. These experiences have given our team valuable experience in ensuring that both the technical objectives and stakeholder needs are met. Our process starts through integration into the project and understanding inter team dynamics and, if applicable, multi-team or multi-agency dynamics at play. We then work with stakeholders to develop a test plan to be executed, and once the tests are concluded, we evaluate the tests with documented qualitative analysis.  

Who we serve with Operational Testing & Evaluation

Government Services

Integrating a single team for project management, test plan drafting, and quantitative analysis allows projects to be completed with speed, accuracy, and inter-organizational alignment. When a project involves multiple organizations or agencies, it is crucial that the needs of each stakeholder are understood and the best outcome between all stakeholders is accomplished.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

We help MEP clients to commercialize technological research through new and innovative products. We facilitate the testing and evaluating of these products to ensure quality and confidence in the market. That means to find, identity and recruit testing partners in different industries to identify demand for that product in the market.

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