Technology Scouting

Searching for the technology to solve a business problem both within and outside your industry.

All too often, a technology solution is searched for inside the silo of an industry. This search is therefore limiting the number of potential solutions to any given problem. By expanding the search across industries, sometimes even those industries that are only tangentially connected, as well as institutional research, a new and unique solution can be found. This unique solution is crucial for solving a problem and can also create a moat, or barrier, to competitors looking to solve the same problem.  

Our technology scouting process allows for a detailed search of current, past, and future innovations in a space. We first work directly with your team to learn about the problem to be solved or mitigated, quickly looking to gain an expert point of view on the issue. We then seek your organization’s current lessons learned from previous efforts. From there, we begin our primary search across the given industry and then expanding the investigation into other industries.

Who we serve with Technology Scouting

Small Manufacturers

With the primary attention of manufacturers focused on running their complex business, finding more simple or innovative solutions may become an afterthought. We are able to work alongside business leaders to present condensed reporting of cross industry solutions.

Manufacturer Extension Programs (MEP)

By providing MEPs with our Technology Scouting Services, our MEP partners are able to expand or augment their current services. This addition allows them to increase the impact on the manufacturers in their region.

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