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Like many other veterans in his time, founder Brooks Crenshaw felt called to the military following the September 11th attacks, which at the time felt like his generation’s Pearl Harbor. He set out where he thought he could make the most significant difference with his talents, as an intelligence professional serving with Naval Special Warfare. He served multiple deployments to combat outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an intel professional, he had the opportunity to navigate complex systems, tribal relationships, and unique problem-solving in a high impact environment. The entrepreneurial spirit of the NSW community’s small elite teams and unmatched leadership laid a foundation for later experiences and decisions still to come, also inspiring an MBA from Vanderbilt University and involvement in multiple startups in the Nashville market.

Looking for a purpose-focused next chapter, he took an appointment to serve in his home state's economic development cabinet as a value-building experience for all involved. This interest came from a clear alignment of the role with talents from his previous experience as an intelligence professional specializing in complex systems, tribal engagement, and targeting processes. In this role, Brooks led a team to upgrade the organization's data and research function through proven systems and processes. This forced patterns to emerge in existing business to simplify and enhance retention and expansion operations and enabled targeting processes that turned out-of-state attraction into direct recruitment. The last key takeaway was identifying insufficient incentive structures in the larger national economic development game that create drag and leave room for greater innovation and trust. Competitive and informed markets generate better outcomes and improve quality of life.

Founding E2CX

Upon leaving his cabinet appointment, and having a ready understanding of the critical role of manufacturing in economic impact on the US economy, Brooks sought to bring his experience full circle as a member of an elite team of entrepreneurial problem-solvers. With this team comprised of some former military teammates and some of the best and brightest talent from US manufacturing, government service, and academic pursuit, we have set out on a mission to create a trusted system that recognizes and equips intrinsically motivated and innovative small manufacturers toward more efficient and meritocratic markets. Learn more about our company's purpose in our founder's letter.

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Our philosophy is that by building relationships with the multiple stakeholders in the manufacturing and technology ecosystems, we provide the best value to our customers.

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