We solve complex problems impacting manufacturing and new technology

By working across the manufacturing ecosystem, we are well aligned to approach complex problems.

Who we work with

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Small Manufacturers & Their Champions

Small to medium manufacturers have the challenge of staying efficient while preparing their business for the future through process and product innovation. E2CX works alongside manufacturers and their champions Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and Trade Group Organizations.

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Economic Developers

Whether county, metro, regional, or state, economic development is a monumental juggling act. E2CX provides better understanding of an area, better organizational tools and data sets, and provides state-of-the-art systems for prioritizing existing business needs for both retention and expansion as well as the time sensitive data toward better recruitment & attracting of expansion and relocation opportunities.

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Government Services

The intersection of multi-governmental organizations and private and public sectors can be a challenging relationship especially when solving complex problems with new and in-development technologies. E2CX acts as an augmenting management resource to solve these complex challenge sets in a fast and efficient way.

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