Survey & Analysis

Customized question sets from a proven framework processed using rigorous statistical analysis

The market and your customers have valuable opinions that can lead to your business success or failure. By understanding insights from your target market, you can make key decisions that align your business for the future. By surveying customer feedback, you can unlock the key to identifying what your organization does well and how your organization can improve. Anecdotal information that you receive from your customers in passing is better than no feedback however it does not replace information surveyed from your entire customer base or potential market.  

Our statistical approach to analysis of surveys we conduct allows for better meaning and clearer results from our purpose built survey question sets. This is not to say that our surveys only focus on quantitative research. Included in our question sets are qualitative questions that encourage survey recipients to elaborate on the desired information identified in our discovery calls with the client. We have developed frameworks that work in each industry we serve but these frameworks provide the foundation that we then build upon and customize for each survey.

Who we serve with Survey & Analysis

MEP Centers

By helping your small to medium manufacturer clients understand what is the true demand in the market. We believe in using rigorous statistical analysis because it is not only the best way to achieve superior decision making but also allows our MEP clients to have an auditable trail of decisions being made.

Economic Developers

Whether county, metro, region, or state, the challenge of the economic developer is managing the relationships and resources to bring value to their territory. Our Survey and Analysis for EDOs is an entry into better understanding the needs of a greater number of stakeholders and leveraging fewer resources concentrated on the right solutions.

Federal Agencies

With your agency tasked with a critical infrastructure directive, does the private sector understand the threats to their network architecture and infrastructure? Does the threat you’re combatting make it into their top 5 threats? We can provide the insight that will give you the ground truth to better engage with potential private sector testing partners and understand their challenges to better provide them the value of security.

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